Step 1: Increase Muscle Density for Maximum Definition.

Let Me Ask You A Question  — What Is Muscle Density?

By definition muscle density, is a measure of how much fat compared to lean tissue there is in the muscle.

So How Do You Increase Muscle Density?

muscle densityIncreasing muscle density means achieving a defined, “hard” look that so many bodybuilders and trainees covet. Muscles typically appear dense when your body fat percentage gets around 10 percent to 12 percent. This will vary depending on the individual. However, by using a targeted approach that combines training and diet techniques (that I’m going to show you), you can increase your muscle density.

Keep your total sets and reps low. Bodybuilders do a lot of sets and reps…a “high volume” of lifting to build muscle. You want to do a “low volume” of lifting to create a lean “special forces” type build…ripped and lean.

Here Is A Sample Workout For You Training For Muscle Density

I suggest that you do less sets and reps, but focus on strength instead. This will give you strength and build muscle density (the natural definition that comes with building efficient muscles). Think along the lines of a gymnast or MMA fighter who wants to improve muscle performance without adding size. This is what creates an amazing looking body…an angular and defined natural looking physique.

  low body fat percentage…but muscle density is what gives his physique a crazy level of muscle definition.

 Here is how you lift for size:

  • Lift in the 8-15 rep range.
  • Do a high volume of sets and reps.
  • Aim to fatigue the muscle over the course of the workout.
  • Lift close to failure on each set.

You see, building muscle size is about breaking down the muscle..and you do this by lifting in a way that “fatigues the muscle”.

 Let’s talk about muscle tone…

 Increasing Muscle Tone is about Maximum Tension NOT maximum fatigue.

 Nervous System Training is what causes a super-high level of muscle definition. This is also why Bruce Lee was ultra-strong at a light body weight.

  Strength training is what increases the nerve impulses to the muscle. The more efficient your nervous system becomes…the stronger and more toned you will get (I sound like Yoda).

 So how do you lift for muscle density?

  •  Lift in the 2-5 rep range.
  • Pause in between each rep.
  • Rest 90-120 seconds between each set.
  • Avoid lifting to failure.

I know this goes against what you have read in main-stream fitness magazines.

 (I learned about this method from an ex-Soviet Special Forces Trainer)

 Once this was revealed to me, it made a lot of sense:

 Stronger nerve impulses with the same muscle mass creates a stronger (and more defined) muscle.

 At a body weight of 146 pounds Bruce Lee was easily able to bench press 315 pounds for multiple reps.

 (This was due to an efficient nervous system).

Here is that link again ====> Muscle Density workout you can use:

  So follow the strategy and feel free to customize the workout in the PDF.

 Let’s talk about eating to maintain a low body fat percentage.

 In the next page I will outline a radically different approach to eating that will allow you to stay around 6-8% body fat, year-round.

 Click here=====> How To Eat For A Low Body Fat Percentage<=====  to continue to Step 2 of 4…

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