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A Unique Strategy for Achieving Maximum Definition -by Rusty Moore


So this isn’t your typical “get lean” report or anything like you have seen hundreds of times on the magazine rack. I’m NOT going to show you 6 tips to get lean by summer -or- the 10 best exercises for 6 pack abs.

Your time is much more valuable than that!

What I am going to show you is 1 advanced technique to insure that you look as sharp as possible for any special event.

The cool thing is that it doesn’t just involve getting down to a low body fat percentage…I will explain how 2 people can look drastically different even at the exact same body fat percentage.

“A whole report on just 1 technique?” Yes!

This technique is golden and makes a world of difference in the way you look once summer rolls around. What if your muscles and skin could look as good as they look when you get done training?

 What if you could look like this not for just a couple hours at a time, but for an entire summer?

We all have “on” days where our muscles look better than normal.

You know what I am talking about…you get to the beach and put on sunscreen and your abs look sharp, your chest looks full and defined, etc. Everything looks great. Typically this happens “by chance” and is hard to predict.

This report outlines a strategy to look sharper-than-ever for months at a time.

Use this exact strategy before summer or an upcoming special event and you will look shaper than ever. Used properly, you can easily display more muscle definition than just about anyone else on the beach.

I call this the “shrink wrap” effect.

Ready? Let’s get to it…

The first time I saw an example of the “shrink wrap” effect… I’m guessing it was my senior year in High School and I was down at the beach. I was playing volleyball with a bunch of friends and a guy walked by who was outrageously defined at a level I had never seen before (I had been lifting for close to a year at that point and had close to the same level of muscle as this guy, but nowhere near the definition).
This guy had six pack abs even in poor lighting!

Strong overhead lighting makes so-so abs look extra sharp. Most guys can look exceptionally defined under the right lighting. If you have been training for a long time you know exactly what I’m talking about. You hit the beach with the sun overhead and your abs stand out…but on a cloudy day your abs are much less noticeable.

The Shrink Wrap Effect For Maximum Muscle Definition.<—Here is an example of the shrink wrap effect.

You are able to notice definition and deep cuts in the abs without strong overhead lighting casting shadows. Most pictures are taken under more “beneficial” lighting conditions.

Low body fat was NOT the only reason this guy had ultra-sharp definition.

So you are probably thinking to yourself that this was just an example of a guy who had low body fat percentage. Well…that is only partially the case. There was something else in play here. You see, I wound up talking to this guy and found out that he had his body fat recently measured at 8%. This is reasonably low, but nowhere near as low as I figured. The ironic thing is that I was roughly at the same body fat percentage, but this guy appeared to be much leaner.

How can 2 people at 8% body fat look so drastically different from one another?

Well…you might be tempted to say it was due to water retention. If someone is retaining water, it will blur their muscle definition and that does make a difference in appearance…but losing excess water won’t make as much of a difference as many would like you to believe. The exception is when people are sub 6% (but that is hard to hold for more than a few weeks at a time anyway).

I just figured that this guy had better genetics. It would be a few years before I discovered the “real” reason why he looked the way he did…and why I just looked defined with ideal overhead lighting.

In college there was a sorority that threw an amateur bodybuilding competition. I guess it really wasn’t a full-blown bodybuilding competition. If memory serves me correctly, it is a competition thrown by Delta Gamma sorority to help them raise money for charity. It is one competition out of many in an event called “Anchor Splash”. Bottom line…one guy from every fraternity winds up competing in a bizarre skit that ends with a bodybuilding contest. It is judged by girls, so they pick guys they think are “hot” (they raise a lot of money and the girls get to exploit guys…you get the idea).

My workout partner in college winds up competing in this bizarre event! So he trains hard and diets down and looks solid and ripped for the event. The skit was pretty funny, based on the movie Weird Science. (In our skit 2 nerds hook up a Ken Doll on accident and create a ripped guy instead of a sexy woman…he comes out of the fog from a fog machine we rented and poses…this will only make sense if you are familiar with the movie). Anyway…the skit is a big hit, the girls go nuts, etc.

He puts on 15 pounds of weight, goes up in body fat, but looks MORE defined.

In the competition he looked good, but not super-ripped or anything. I was surprised because his body fat was measured at 5%. I saw him 3 weeks later and he looked like a different person (in a good way). Every muscle seemed to stick out and you could see more definition than ever.

He was burnt out from the competition and was simply causally lifting weights without dieting. His body fat went from 5% to 8% and he looked better than ever.

This was my first CLUE to a concept that would forever change my approach to getting lean for summer (or any other special event).

More clues from an Arnold Schwarzenegger interview… Back when I was in college Arnold was still in great shape. In an interview, he claimed that he liked to get well below contest weight before his competition and then add a couple of pounds of muscle right before the show.

Sylvester Stallone took a similar approach in Rocky… Sly Stallone said in an interview that he lost all the body fat first and got down to a low body weight before adding muscle…and “working his way back up”.

So then a light bulb went off in my head.

The key to looking ultra lean and getting the “shrink wrap” look, is to gain muscle…add a bit of body mass when you are already really lean. This essentially tightens up the skin to shrink wrap around
your muscles.

You see, most people “diet down” to look lean <—POOR APPROACH!

That is where the problem lies. As your body decreases in overall mass, your skin lags behind a bit. It takes a while to shrink down to match your overall smaller body size. This slightly loose skin can blur muscle definition to a certain extent.

The key is to diet down and get lean, but then add size right before event.. . work your way up as the event approaches, not down.

Visual Impact Muscle Building<—This is another great example of the shrink wrap effect. This guy is pictured here doing dips and is most likely adding muscle while maintaining his body fat percentage.

Let’s talk about another solid example of the shrink wrap effect (one the younger readers can relate to).

muscle definitionTaylor Lautner used this same approach in New Moon (by accident)…

Taylor Lautner was working out so hard that he lost a bunch of weight.

In an article in Men’s Health magazine…

“I was exercising so hard that I began to lose weight,” says Lautner. Sounds great? Not if you normally have trouble building muscle mass. Taylor had to cut back on cardio and add as much mass as possible leading right up to the making of New Moon . This was a “perfect storm” for creating that shrink wrapped look that he sported in the movie. He had the density and low body fat
levels from his months of training and added muscle right before the movie without adding body fat.

How to achieve the Shrink Wrap Effect

1) Diet down 5-6 months before an event without losing strength: Maintain muscle density while dropping body fat, by dieting and gaining strength. The goal is to get lean in 3-4 months (while remaining strong). Work in the lower rep ranges, to maintain strength without adding additional muscle size.

2) Hold at this lower body weight level for at least 6-8 weeks: What you are doing now is allowing the skin to catch up to your smaller overall mass. Aim for a low calorie diet, some intervals, and low reps to maintain strength. Again, the lower rep ranges will maintain strength without adding a bunch of size.

3) Increase t he reps and volume of your training 3-4 weeks before an event: You are now going to add a higher volume of sets and reps to your routine and possibly backing off a little on cardio. Let your muscles fill up a bit without gaining much body fat.

4) (Optional) Take Creatine 3-4 weeks before your event to add fat free mass: Creatine works extremely well if you add it in as a way of “working your way up” right before an event. You want to save it for when you need fat free mass the most, which is right before an event to tighten up your skin.

This strategy works extremely well, give it a try!

When you add muscle right before an event, you will look outstanding in and out of clothes. You won’t have that “flat muscle look” so many guys get from dieting down. If you really understand how to strategically increase muscle size and density, you can create a visually stunning physique…

This is just one small tip in creating the look you desire…

I have created an entire course on how to create a visually impressive physique.

This Advanced Course is dedicated specifically towards the lean “Hollywood” look.

This is the type of physique that looks stylin’ in clothes, and ripped on the beach. If you get too big and bulky, you tend to have a cheesy “gym” aura about you…even when wearing regular clothes.

It is better to have the lean, “James Bond” build (that way you look great and stylish at all times).

Visual Impact Musclw Building<—plus the ladies prefer slim and defined over big and bulky.

Nothing wrong with muscle mass, just make sure you don’t gain so much as to look like a “gym guy” when out in the real world. And don’t ever wear those big bodybuilder clown pants (ever)!

Getting the shrink wrap effect is just a small tip…

Visual Impact Muscle Building

Visual Impact Muscle Building For That Lean Athletic Hollywood Body

My course, Visual Impact Muscle Building, goes into detail about how to lift with a sophisticated set and rep scheme to achieve the lean “Hollywood” look. I could explain the other tips I cover in this small report, but I made 4 videos that do a much better job.

4 Videos Which Explain How to Get the Lean “Hollywood” Look…
(click this link for immediate access)

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