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If Building Muscle Is Your Goal Listen Up

Published on March 3, 2014 By jag252

Joe we don’t do the pro bodybuilder stuff. No maybe our goals here aren’t to look like a pro bodybuilder but it doesn’t mean we can’t learn about building muscle from them.


How To Force Your Muscles To Get Leaner And Harder

Published on February 21, 2014 By jag252

Check out these almost unbelievable fat burning and muscle building results that occur when you combine multiple training variables and modalities.


For Lean Muscle Gains A Specific Method For Building A Guy’s Body

Published on January 3, 2014 By jag252

For lean muscle gains in the right places and burn fat where you need to. Forget just doing weights to get big, or doing cardio to burn fat, I’m talking about a specific workout routine to build your body into its perfect form.

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