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Final Phase Fat Loss

John Romaniello Final Phase Fat Loss

John Romaniello talks About Lactic Acid Training To Reduce belly Fat

Yesterday we talked about Density Training. Today John Romaniello talks about another of his training modules from Final Phase Fat Loss – lactic acid training.

Final Phase Fat Loss is a unique training system for those of you who need to overcome a fat loss plateau, or for those of you trying to lose that last 5-10 pounds of stubborn fat. It contains 4 training phases that you may have never seen before.

Do you suffer from “regional” fat storage? You know, “problem area” fat deposits — like on your hips, butt, thighs, stomach, “love handles”, or god forbid, the dreaded “man boobs”?

Let me guess, every trainer you’ve talked to has told you the same thing:

“It’s not possible to ‘spot reduce’. You lose fat over your entire body and you can’t ‘pick and choose’ where you lose it from.”



The problem is that most people don’t understand the CAUSES of regional fat storage, and thus can’t provide you with a solution.

Fortunately, I DO know both — the causes AND the solutions, and I’ve gotta give credit to NY trainer John Romaniello.

Problem Area: “love handles”
Hormone to Blame: Insulin
Solution Hormone: IGF-1
How to stimulate IGF-1 release: “Dynamic” Training

Problem Area: hips, butt, thighs and/or “man boobs”
Hormone to Blame: Estrogen
Solution Hormone: Testosterone
How to stimulate Testosterone release: “Density” Training

Problem Area: “belly/stomach”
Hormone to Blame: Cortisol
Solution Hormone: Growth Hormone
How to stimulate IGF-1 release: “Lactic Acid” Training

Fact is, you can fight off “problem area” hormones by naturally producing more combative hormones via specific types of training and exercise.

And that’s essentially the foundation of John Romaniello’s Final Phase Fat Loss program.

Today we have John showing Vince Del Monte and Scott Colby how to do Lactic Acid training.

Lactic Acid Training

This is where Final Phase Fat Loss really delves into the hormonal response to training. The idea with this style of training is to focus on accumulating as much lactic acid in your muscles as possible. This is done using a longer concentric (up) phase and a shorter (but safely done) eccentric/lowering phase, e.g. 4 seconds up, 1 second down. The exact tempo will obviously depend on the exercise you’re performing, but that’s the general idea.

And in terms of the body’s response to this style of training from a hormonal perspective, it DOES have some validity. As your blood pH decreases (due to the acidity), your body responds by secreting Growth Hormone in response. Studies have shown that this does reliably occur.

Growth Hormone is a very potent fat-burning hormone in the body – it’s a response to emergency situations like this.

Since this slow-tempo style of training isn’t done for long periods and is actually offset by explosive stuff in the dynamic training, it most likely won’t have a big detrimental impact on your strength levels. If done long-term (and John says this himself), this style of training WILL decrease your strength.

So, can this Lactic Acid Training be effective for fat loss? It can. The hormonal effect of it has certainly been demonstrated in research. It’s not fun but it can be effective.

So there you have another component of training from Final Phase fat Loss. As I told you yesterday these workouts aren’t easy (which is why FPFL isn’t for beginners). But for those of you looking to get that body fat % way down check it out.

Final Phase Fat Loss is still on sale for 52% off.

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