The Shrink Wrap Effect – What Is It?

the shrink wrap effect

The Shrink Wrap Effect For Maximum Muscle Definition

The Shrink Wrap Effect For  Maximum Muscle Definition

The Shrink Wrap Effect is a strategy developed by Rusty Moore over at Fitness Black Book. The SWE is an advanced strategy for anyone looking to get maximum definition.

The old school way that bodybuilders for many years have done is gain as much muscle as desired then diet down for muscle definition. Rusty’s idea is the exact opposite.

Rusty say’s if you want maximum muscle definition, then your skin needs to wrap tightly around your muscles. Okay fair enough Shrink Wrap Effect I get it.

The idea with the shrink wrap effect is that the old way add muscle then diet down for muscle definition, leaves the skin a little loose around the muscle so you don’t have maximum definition.

With Rusty’s way the idea is diet down first maintaining the muscle you have then workout to gain a little lean muscle the skin then is tight aroung the muscle —– The Shrink Wrap Effect Get It? 


What the shrink wrap effect is all about starting 5-6 months before a special event summertime or whatever to look as good as you possibly can.

Here Are The Basic Steps Of The Shrink Wrap Effect

1) Diet down 5-6 months before your event without losing strength:

Maintain muscle density, by dropping body fat, by dieting and gaining strength. Remain strong and get lean in 3-4 months. Use low reps to keep your strength but not adding more muscle. 

2) Keep this lower bodyweight for 6-8 weeks. You are allowing the skin to catch up to your overall muscle size. Low calorie diet, and some interval training, weight work still low reps maintaining strength without out adding much muscle. He also believes intermittent fasting 1-2 days a week helps a great deal.

3) Increase your training volume and reps 3-4 weeks before your event. Higher volume training, cut back on your interval training add a little lean muscle to tighten the skin around the muscle.

4) OPTIONAL- Start taking Creatine now also. Rusty say’s it helps add fat free muscle 3-4 weeks out from your event. ( My opinion you don’t need it but it’s your call, Rusty does say it’s optional).

So doing it Rusty’s way he say’s this prevents you from having that “flat muscle look”. Leaner denser muscle because the skin is tighter around the muscles.

Here’s a Recap on Getting the Shrink Wrap Effect

Lift for muscle density after you have enough mass.

  • Use Intermittent Fasting 1-2 days per week.
  • Use strategic cardio after most of your workouts.
  • After getting lean, quickly add muscle before an event.

There is more to it of course than I can cover here. So go over to Fitness Black Book Rusty has a FREE download for you

The Vacation Body Blueprint

Shrink Wrap Effect For Maximum Muscle Definition By Rusty Moore

Free Download The Vacation Body Blueprint From Rusty Moore

Now I’ll tell you at first I didn’t think this made alot of sense (to old school maybe) but the more I thought about it, it does make sense if you think about it.

I like Rusty’s approach to getting the “Hollywood Look” I don’t agree with everything Rusty says. For instance he is more of a believer in using slow and intense cardio.

I belive whenver you workout muscle, cardio intense is the best way. I have used the steady state stuff bores me to death. Anyway go over get your FREE download.

The Vacation Body Blueprint

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