Final Phase Fat Loss 2.0 By John

 Final Phase fat loss 2.0 can  help you shed that unwanted bodyfat

John Romaniello of Final Phase Fat Loss


If you suffer with stubborn fat around the chest, love handles, lower back, lower abdomen or lower half of your body it’s BECAUSE of a specific hormone attacking that area and you need a SOLUTION to attack that stubborn fat…

John Romaniello lives in New York and is a personal trainer, coach, author and model. Over the past decade, John has helped thousands of people to achieve their fitness goals using unique and effective methods.

He helped actors, musicians, producers and models. He also has been a strength coach for several athletes, high school wrestlers, college and professional soccer players, golfers and volleyball players.

As an author, he wrote hundreds of articles featured in numerous online and printed publications, such as SHAPE,

Most programs can help people to initially lose weight but all fail at the end and most people can’t lose the final pounds.

There are hundreds of weight loss programs on the internet… But Final Phase has a unique purpose: help people lose the final 5 to 20 pounds.

To Start With Final Phase Fat Loss 2.0 Is Not For Everyone

****Truth is, if you’re a total beginner, this is probably not the best workout to start off with. These workouts are HARD (but brutally effective – in fact, FPFL is the exact training program that John uses to get his clients down to SINGLE DIGIT body fat).

****So, if you haven’t been exercising for a long while, Final Phase Fat Loss probably isn’t for you.

But Final Phase IS for you if you fall into one of these 3 categories:

**You’re struggling to lose the last 10-15 lbs of stubborn fat (if this is you, you simply won’t find a better program to achieve this goal, period)

**You’ve lost “some” weight, but have hit a plateau (this is THE program to “revive” your fat loss)

**You suffer from regional “problem area” fat storage located on your

a) butt/hips/thighs (women) or if you’re a guy, the dreaded “man boobs”,
b) love handles, or
c) stomach/belly

Final Phase Fat Loss includes workouts to specifically target all three of these problem areas through strategic hormonal manipulation.

The Final Phase Fat Loss 2.0 program is based on four basic principles.

Final Phase is based on weekly workouts that consist of training 4 different systems such a Density training, lactic acid training, dynamic workouts, and max strength workouts.

  • Lactic Acid Training: these types of workouts are done with slow tempos which really helps the body so much in producing a lot of lactic acid that is responsible in creating the growth hormones which decrease the cortisol effect that causes the enlargement of the belly or stomach fat.
  • Heavy Strength: these types of workouts helps a lot in maintaining the best muscle structure besides increasing your strength and developing a nice form although it does not target a specific muscle.
  • Density Training: These types of workouts are extremely difficult and challenging and very effective since you will be always trying to make more workouts density in compare to your last session. It helps so much in fighting the Estrogen hormone which is causes the fat storage on your man breasts, thighs, hips, and buttocks.
  • Dynamic Training: This type of training is great in increasing the IGF-1 hormone production and I have to admit that they are really extreme hard movements but you will get great results.

Final Phase Fat Loss 2.0 Is NOT An In Depth Nutrition Program

There are a few areas that could be improved, though nothing that really goes up “red flag” status that should stop you from picking up this program if you’re interested in it.

The nutrition section is a bit on the short side. Since the focus of this program is more on the training and the author tends to direct this program to a more experienced user, my thought is that he’s assuming you already pretty much know what you’re doing in that department.

His recommendations are good…nothing earth-shaking. It’ll definitely get you results. But I would have liked to seen more information on how the specific nutrients you’re eating play a role in the hormonal responses of your body…i.e. insulin, testosterone, etc. Food is a big part of that.

So if you’ve already got your diet in order, this will be a really program. If you’re looking for detailed meal plans or hardcore nutrition focus, it’s not something you’ll find in here.

The bottom line to Final Phase Fat Loss 2.0 is this:

If you need to lose 5 -20 pounds of fat, are willing to work hard in your workouts and have your nutrition pretty well under control Final Phase Fat Loss is for you.

The training you find in here might be just what you need to really push your bodyfat to a whole new low!

John RomanielloAnd if you act today you can get Final Phase Fat Loss 2.0 by John Romaniello for 50% off.

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