Double Clean and Push Press

The Double Clean and Push Press is a combination of two kettlebell exercises. The Double Clean and the Double Push Press.

This is a full body exercise that teaches your body how to work as one unit. It is not as technical as the clean and jerk and is relatively easy to learn. 

 The Double Clean and Push Press uses the arms and shoulders in combination with the hips and thighs in an exercise that is slightly less difficult than the Double Snatch.

 The Double Clean and Push Press will connect your hips to the shoulders, coordinating forceful leg drive with powerful triceps and shoulders, for explosive strikes.

The hip-thrust helps you clean the bells into the rack position and an additional leg-thrust will help you push press the bells up.

Breathe during the back-swing and again in the rack position, if needed. If you have to rest for a second or two, do it in either the rack position or fully extended position.

Double Kettlebell Clean and Push Press

1. Start with the kettlebells in front of you.

2. Aggressively hike the kettlebells behind you underneath your hips.

3. Tuck your elbows into your sides and roll the kettlebells around your
wrists up the front of your body.

4. Keep the kettlebells pulled close to the body.

5. Gently place them in the rack position. Keep the elbows glued to your

6. Keeping the torso vertical (perpendicular to the ground), dip your
knees quickly and then straighten them.

7. At the instant they straighten, use the force generated from your legs
to drive the kettlebells overhead locking out the elbows.

8. To lower them, either pull them back down to the rack or let them
“freefall” absorbing or catching them by dipping your knees.

9. Straighten your knees and set up for another Clean.

10. Re-clean the kettlebells and perform steps 6 through 9 again for the
Push Press.

11. Perform as many reps as you wish.

12. Place the kettlebells on the ground the same way you would the
Double Swing.

Performance Tips

Focus on getting your hands around the kettlebells rather then letting the kettlebells flip over your hands and bang your wrists.

Breathe into your stomach as you drive the kettlbells to the rack

Stand up straight at the end of the move. Your legs should be locked out.

Hold the bells in tight and close to the body at the top.

Breathe out as you swing the bells between your legs

Thanks to Geoff Neupert for the video.

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