kettlebell swing1 191x300 4 Week Kettlebell Minimalist Workout

Kettlebells And Bodyweight Minimalist Workout

Kettlebell And Bodyweight 4 Week Workout

The workout today I would use for a beginner to kettlebells or someone as mentioned in the video someone

 who has a bare minimum amout of workout time a week.

Today’s  workout comes from Chris Lopez of the Turbulence Training Kettlebell Revolution. It does cover virtually all the basics for a good total body workout.

You can set this as a 3 day a week kettlebell/bodyweight workout.

1 kettlebell and a place to do pull-ups is all you need.

4 Week Kettlebell Bodyweight Minimalist Workout Exercise List.

1) Turkish Get Up

2) Pull-Ups

3) 1 or 2 Arm Swing

Again this is a great workout for someone just starting out with kettlebells. The Turkish get up takes a little getting used to but in my opinion it is a must do kettlebell exercise.

So if you are just starting out with kettlebells don’t get discouraged with the get Up. Keep at it.

turbulence training and kettlebell training 4 Week Kettlebell Minimalist WorkoutThanks to Chris Lopez of The Kettlebell Revolution.

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