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Your Solution To Permanent Fat Loss And A Healthier Lifestyle

Start today and add a healthy habit to your life every day - an extra glass of water, an apple a day, extra serving of vegetables, replace processed snacks with an ounce of raw nuts, drink Green Tea instead of soda, get up on time instead of hitting snooze, plan ahead instead of winging it, & set goals instead of daydreaming.

Are YOU ready for the Ultimate in Health and Fitness?
Discover the Result Producing Systems that when used properly can virtually Guarantee Incredible and Shocking Results.

Welcome to Fat Burning Diets And Workouts

Imagine taking a look in your mirror in 4 weeks from now and seeing 6-8 pounds of fat gone. Here at Fat Burning Diets and Fat Burning Workouts that is what we are going to show you, and how YOU can do it too. If you are committed and persistant you can realistically and in a healthy way burn fat at a rate of  1-2 pounds a week.

Remember we are going for fat loss not weight loss (there is a difference). What I won't weigh less? Actually you may weigh more. Why? because to burn the most amount of bodyfat in the shortest amount of time you need to raise your metabolism. How do you do that? Gain lean muscle.

Muscle burns more calories than fat -- even while at rest -- theFat Burning Diets more muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate, which means the more calories your body will be burning just to sustain you.

Forget about your scale the true measure is what your mirror tells you.

Our aim is to get you eating healthy ( don't panic ) it's a matter of commitment and desire. Doing short fat burning workouts (forget the marathon cardio/aerobic workouts).

I  read a very interesting article recently and wanted to pass it on to you.  In this study, a group of hospital employees were asked to make one small change in their daily

At the end of 12 weeks, here were the results:

1. body fat decreased 2%
2. waistline measurement decreased 2%
3. lung capacity increased 9%
4. diastolic blood pressure decreased 2%
5. LDL cholesterol decreased 4%

Pretty impressive considering these were only the "average" of all the results.  So what was the magic protocol here?  The ONLY thing these individuals did differently was to take the stairs instead of the elevator each day. 

Just goes to show you the power of that one simple choice can make.

What we want to bring you is a one stop resource for all your healthy eating fat burning diets, fat burning exercises, fat burning workouts,  muscle building and health related information.

* Are there foods that burn fat?
* Do Fat Burning Pills and Supplements work?
* Fasting good or bad to lose fat?
* Weight loss or Fat Loss?

* Steady rate cardio or High Intensity workouts?
* Fat Burners What Exercises Burn Fat the fastest?
* How many sets and reps should you do?
* I want to gain as much muscle as I can, can I lose fat at the same time?

This is just a small sample of the questions you may have that we will answer for you.

Product reviews I am sure you see the ads all the time the best fat burning diets, the best fat burning workouts etc. I buy and use most of the fat loss programs out there. Some are very good, some not so good. I will give you honest reviews what I like and don't like.

Okay Now let's get started on your new body!

"There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them." - Denis Waitley

Body Transformation Tip of the Week from Craig Ballantyne of Turbulence Training:

“If you have a problem with _____, do something about it. It doesn’t matter how big the ____ problem is, you can take action on fixing it today. Send an email to a friend asking for help with ___. Search the internet for solutions to _____. Or get off Facebook, and go fix your ____ problem in the real world. No matter what, there is no excuse to not work on fixing your ____ problem today.”

 Fat Burning Diets

First off I hate the word diet. Why? Because when people here the word diet they panic. Starvation, sacrifice and never eating any of your favorite foods again is the first thing most people think about. That doesn't need to be the case. But you do need to remember something.
" You Can't Out Train A Lousy Diet "You Can't Out Train A Lousy Diet

If you think you can continue to eat the way you have been and expect to do any amount of fat burning by doing extra workouts I'm  afraid you are sadly mistaken. So let's just start thinking healthy eating.
I'll let you in on a secret I love peanut M&M's do I ever eat them? Yes, I do believe in rewarding myself
once in a while. But you must first have that basic foundation of healthy eating.

Never discount not only for fat loss but the overall health benefits of eating healthy. You have heard it all about having excess bodyfat and it's affects on your heart, blood pressure etc.

A quick story for you a close friend of mine recently went through a very painfull bout with ovarian cysts. After doing some research for her what I found out is one of the best ways to prevent and cure her condition? Is there a natural remedy for ovarian cysts? Yeah you guessed it eat more fiber, increase your water intake and vitamins.

Recently posted to Fat Burning Diets Article Blog - Your Fat Burning Diet Quick Start Guide Diet Scams: The Big Business And Lies Of The Diet Industry Weight Loss Some Simple Truths Diet And Weight Loss Strategies - How To Eat A Healthy Diet 
For Women Only - Womens Fitness Lifestyle  (formerly Fit Favorites.com) is a new site dedicated to Female Fat Loss And Fitness. Led by Shawna Kaminski the female fat loss expert and Lauren Brooks aka The Kettlebell Queen, Fit Favorites has workouts and nutrition guides geared towards women of any age. Let Lauren and Shawna show you how to Burn & Firm.


" Burn Fat 4 Times Faster " Free Report

Good Morning, This morning I have another FREE Report for you.

This burns a THOUSAND calories in ONE workout?

My friends and fitness experts Joel Marion and Arnel Ricafranca just released a DYNAMITE report entitled "4 Keys to 4xs FASTER Fat Loss", and for the next few days it's 100% freee to download:

4 Keys to 4xs FASTER Fat Loss <------- Click Here to download

In the report, they reveal 4 extremely unique "under the radar" methods to have you legitimately burning 1,000+ calories in a SINGLE workout, and WITHOUT having to work out for hours on end, either.

Burn a THOUSAND calories in a SINGLE Workout <------- *FREE* download, Click here

Frankly, the information they share in just the first 9 and 1/2 pages alone could easily retail for $29.95, but right now they're GIVING it away (no catch).

Grab it here:

Burn a THOUSAND calories in a SINGLE workout <------- Click here to download

Enjoy!  Joe

This Free report is being given pre launch of a new product but don't let that stop you from getting this freebie it has some good information and workouts in it.

Fat Burning Workouts

Okay so how many hours a week do you spend on a treadmill, in a aerobics class or paying a personal trainer? I am just going to guess and say too many. No I am not a personal trainer I could be so can you. Enough said. ( Not that they are all bad because they're not).

For our fat burning workouts (or for that matter building muscle) purpose longer is not better. Shorter workouts, using maximum intensity and total body fat burning exercises is proven to be the fast track to fat loss.

So what fat burning exercises and muscle building workouts do I use?Fat Burning Workouts

* Weight Training *

* Kettlebell Workouts * New Articles: Kettlebell Burn By Geoff Neupert Kettlebells Burn 20 Calories Per Minute Training With Kettlebells Kettlebell Training: Quality Or Quantity Maximum Fat Loss With Kettlebells  And Check Out Our Kettlebell Training Video Page

" Kettlebells are the newest, edgiest, most effective fat loss workout you can find. The American Council on Exercise just conducted a study proving that kettlebell workouts burn 20.2 calories per minute - double what spinning or bodyweight boot camps burn. If you want to lose weight and burn stubborn fat, there's nothing more effective than kettlebell workouts. "

* Bodyweight Exercises * Just Posted Fat Loss Bodyweight Exercises And Lean Muscle Gains

* Interval Training * Check out my latest page Turbulence Training Workout Videos

* Circuit Training * New workout posted Turbulence Training Barbell Circuit Training Workout

I really believe in using variety and total body workouts. Using these different workouts serves two purposes.

1) Keep your body guessing the fastest way to burn fat and gain lean muscle is to constantly stimulate your body and keep it from adapting to the same old workout week after week. 

2) Keeps you from getting bored and stopping your workouts. Need I say More.

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Permanent Weight Loss Strategies For Busy Moms and 6 Lifestyle Changes For A Healthier, Simpler Life



Lean Athletic Muscle


Which Would You Rather Have? The Lean Trim Athletic Dense Muscle Hollywood Beach Body or The Bloated Over Muscled Look Of A Pro Bodybuilder

So How do the Guys in Hollywood Do it?

(Taylor Lautner, Cam Gigandet, Brad Pitt, etc) Get that Ultra-Lean with just enough Dense Muscle... Introducing "Visual Impact Muscle Building" A Unique Product Aimed at People Who Want the “Hollywood Look”

A little bit slim is better than overly muscular and blocky.

Think about that for one second. Wouldn’t you rather look more like Brad Pitt in Troy or Fight Club versus a bloated looking professional wrestler in the WWE?

 "Visual Impact Muscle Building"

You see, even if you are a little on the slim side you can still look “cool” and hip. You can wear designer clothes. You can look “GQ”, etc.

…but if you put on too much muscle on the wrong places you get that “cheesy” meat-head aura...and that is not a place where you want to be.

Where You Gain the Muscle is Just the Beginning. When you go to the site there are 3 videos that give a much better explanation of how Visual Impact works than I can give you here.


Visual Impact Muscle Building is a six month, three phase muscle building course designed to give you that hot Hollywood look. So if you are interested in being freakishly pumped, this is not for you. If you are interested in getting a hot, balanced, ripped physique………

The course has an initial focus on building muscle fast but it the right kind of lean, well distributed muscle. This is followed by a phase that focuses on hardening up the muscle and a third phase to build muscle density.





Our Product Tip Of The Month ---- The Gymboos Timer ---- The Perfect Workout Partner Whether you are doing Interval Training, Kettlebell Workouts, Tabata Training with the Gymboss Timer set it and you are good to go for your timed sets. Set the timer and know your exact fat burning workout times and rest periods. Timed sets for better fat burning , cardio and muscle building.


Motivation And Goal Setting 

'The secret of making something work in your life, is firstly the deep desire to make it work.  And then a clear and definite vision without one thought of doubt or disbelief' 

Never underestimate the power of visualization, a positive mindset and goal setting. But just saying I want to lose __?__ (put in your number) of fat is not enough.

Having a clear and defined Plan Of Action is as important as your fat burning diets and fat burning workouts. Let's take a look at how you should go about it.

1) It's an old idea but it really does work. Write down your goals be very specific. Look at this on a daily basis. get it ingrained in your mind.

2) Pick a day (Sunday works for me) Sit down and write out what you are going to do for the week in your fat burning efforts. As an example:

For your workouts. I am going to weight train on Monday-Wednesday-Friday and am going to do Interval training on Tuesday and Thursday.
But we need to break it down further. Let me show you my workout for today and how I do it.

Monday - Weight Training

1A) Deadlift
1B) Dips

Timed sets (15 minutes) 5 reps each set alternate between exercises.

2A) Clean and Press
2B) Sumo Deadlift

Same as above 15 minute timed sets

(What do you know I just gave you a great muscle building, fat burning workout) But you see what I mean no detail left out. Do this also for your healthy eating plan. This is especially improtant when you are starting out.

2) Visualization. Take a minute or two everyday close your eyes start at your toes and work your way up and actually see each body part as you want it to be. Then kind of take a step back from yourself and again see the total picture you and how you wil look.

New Article - Why Positive Thinking Doesn't Work

Serious Muscle Building

This will be for more of the hardcore bodybuilder. The guy or girl looking to build serious strength and muscle. Let me tell you right off the bat I do not advocate the use of steroids in anyway. So if you are here for info on steroids you came to the wrong place.

Stick around if you are dedicated to the idea of how to build muscle.

What have you learned about fat burning workouts so far? Muscle burns fat right? So we want to build muscle to burn fat.Serious Muscle Building

To build serious amounts of muscle your workouts should also be based on compound exercises.

As you build more and more muscle you will also want to add in isolation exercises.

The difference between the fat burner and the serious muscle builder is Diet and Supplementation. To be big you have to eat big.

And to be big you have to lift big. To gain as much muscle as you can as with the fat burner the muscle builder must pay strict attention to nutrition. "To Be Big Eat Big" but that doesn't give you the go ahead to eat junk.

  Latest Articles I have on Our Muscle Building Articles Pages - Building Massive Guns The Bicep Deadlift Building Muscle: How To Explode New Muscle Growth Muscle Buildings Must Do Exercises or
15 minute muscle building workout. Or

Building Badass Muscle With Jason Ferruggia



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